Christian Counseling Services 


Individual Counseling

In this hour-long session, which can be attended virtually or in person, we will set personalized goals for your counseling experience and then walk through my holistic Christian Counseling framework to help you find the exact steps to take to overcome overwhelm and reclaim your inner-peace.  I trust the Holy Spirit to lead us through a personalized path for healing.  

I am intentional about covering our time in prayer before you even step foot into my office.  My desire is to partner with what God is already doing in your heart.  If He brings us together in this season, I know He will guide your steps.  By integrating psychology, inner healing prayer and biblical principles, you will feel empowered to continue to cultivate what God is revealing and rest in knowing that it is ultimately Him who finishes every good work He begins.  

Marriage Counseling

Sometimes, when our brains are overtaken by emotions, we struggle to connect with others. This can seep into our relationships with those we love the most. Often, when women are struggling with emotional overwhelm, their relationships suffer. I know it’s hard to feel like you're hurting the person you love.  Often when we are feeling unlovable is when we need the most love. 

During this hour-long session with you and your spouse, we will work through the roadblocks keeping you from connecting and communicating effectively and put together a plan to get your marriage back on track.  Many clients start meeting with me individually and eventually their spouse is asking to join too because they see all of the transformation happening and want to be a part of it!   


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