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Introducing Amber's Next Webinar:

"Holy Birth: 

Staying connected to God & overcoming fear to have a peaceful & calm birth"

I've been there- 4 times to be exact.  I took the classes, read the books and felt completely ready.  Then, the unexpected happened and I was face to face with my greatest fear.  Would I trust God to lead me through or would I collapse in fear?  

The mind is the battle field, right?

Every birth became another opportunity to dig deeper and trust God in bigger ways, especially since both of my boys were 10.5lbs (Yes- for real!)  And, guess what?  I have experienced:

  • One induced hospital birth with an epidural
  • Two natural hospital births
  • One water birth at the Holy Family Birth Center

As a Christian Counselor, I tapped into my ability to renew my mind and lean into my relationship with God to be empowered in experiencing the most peaceful, calm and holy birth.  It became better every time because I learned a few things along the way that I can't wait to share with you.

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